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What is the process to apply to become an agent at Glen Institute?

Fill the Agent application form and the team will contact you.

Do Glen Institute educators have significant experience teaching the courses they offer?

Absolutely. Our RTO Manager and ICT trainer Raja has more than 25 years of training (including teaching experience at Australian universities). Hospitality classes are popular because of trainer engagement and training kitchen being close to the city.

Civil Construction trainer is very experienced Civil Engineer. For the student who really value quality training, I think Glen Institute is one of the best private institutes in Melbourne city.

Does Glen Institute have established partnerships with institutions, organizations, or companies to assist graduates with job placement?

For hospitality courses, we have agreements for job placement as part of the course (this is unpaid 270 hours of work experience). Most students get jobs easily but we can connect them with recruitment agencies.

Generally, for other courses, we have job recruitment seminars (with third party providers to help prepare students for job applications, resume writing etc.). We can also assist students with job applications. Our goal is to equip them so they would be ready once they graduated and get a job easily.

How much is the required advanced tuition fee deposit to secure a Certificate of Enrolment (CoE)?

While the expected deposit is equivalent for 1 semester fee, we are happy to consider a lower deposit of $2000 for the right agent and student.

What is Glen Institute's Assessment Level?

We are Assessment Level 3. This means that there is a requirement for Financials and English from the department. However, we do have Assessment Level 2 options with our partner institutes (for Hospitality and ICT courses).

We can also offer AL2 package for other courses (with the final/principal course COE from the AL2 institute). Do note that current policy of Department requires ALL students to provide Financials and English, regardless of the Assessment Level of the institute.

Focus is more on the student being genuinely interested in studying, has sufficient English proficiency and Financial resources to undertake studies in Australia. Our own policy is to accept students who have a minimum of 6 in IELTS and those who have sufficient financial resources.

Does Glen Institute consider applicants with prior visa refusal records?

Depends on case-to-case basis. We will need to look at the visa refusal reason. Subject to meeting GTE and interview requirement.

How many students are currently enrolled at Glen Institute?

We currently have around 560 students overall, 15 of them are Filipinos.

What is the age limit to enroll at Glen Institute?

Glen Institute generally prefers students aged 18-25. However, we are open to considering individuals aged 26-30, especially if they have significant experience in the related field.

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Telecommunication courses are quick to be assessed at the moment
We are located in the heart of the city
Modern, well maintained facilities

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